anyone super into history and want to help me out with an essay outline?

it’s about how different Anglo colonizers and settlers treated Native Americans and imported African slaves from the 1400s to the early 1800s.

“Before I went vegetarian, I did not like broccoli and cauliflower, I had never tasted avocadoes, never thought about mixing in nuts and seeds with my food. Never really appreciated the sweetness of fruits and orange veggies.
Before I went vegan, I had never experimented with dates and peanut butter, never realized that dark chocolate is so much tastier than milk chocolate and so much more satisfying. Never knew how ice cream and yummy cookies can be made out of a bunch of over ripe bananas, which you got for free. Never guessed how magical cashews are and how they can be turned into cheesy sauces or dips, or that almonds make the best white crumbly cheese. I had never really appreciated hummus, delicious homemade pesto and the yumminess of smoothies.
I discovered chia and flax seeds, which are excellent egg replacers and thickeners, Who knew oats left to soak overnight could be so good?
No, vegetarianism and veganism are not limiting. They just open you up to a whole new world. And the awesome feeling of knowing that you’re living healthily while leaving less marks on mother earth, and hurting no animals is irreplaceable.”
—Mary Lyse (via fightingforanimals)


This feeling. earth—gypsy

“I sit before flowers

hoping they will train me in the art 
of opening up.

I stand on mountain tops believing 
that avalanches will teach me to let go.

I know 

but I am here to learn.”
—Shane Koyczan (via sunflower-mama)

“how long into your relationship did you and your boyfriend say i love you? i know that there's no right time to do it but i'm just trying to sort out my own feelings about my boyfriend. you and your blog are both gorgeous, by the way :)xx”


i think we said it a little after a month? but like you said, every couple is different and you usually can just feel when the time is right! :) and thank you!! <3


Michael Lipsey


Michael Lipsey

I want to build my own house, high in the mountains, so high that i’m frequently in and above the clouds.
I want to artistically plant different types of trees in my canvas of garden, flowers, fruit and veggies too.
I want to wake up early every morning to the music of birds, salute the morning sun and swallow the fresh mountain air.
I want to walk the forest, talk to plants, monkeys, birds, insects and trees.
I want to bathe in rivers, clouds and dirt.
I want to draw, sing, dance, read and explore all day - every day.
I want to escape from the constraints of time and clothes.
I want my love to be there with me, lost in nature, love and existence.
I want to grow old with the familiar trees.
I want my body to wither like the autumn leaves and seep into dirt.
I want my existence to leave nothing but the vibrations of love and curiosity that will bounce off nature for as long as trees stand.
I must escape this concrete jungle.
I want to be free.
I want to be free.
I want to be free.
I want to be free.
I need to be free.

But how can I escape when there’s so much to change..
Do I delve in nature’s beauty while it’s still there, or gamble my love and passion with man’s greed?

(via theworldisonebigballofamazing)


(via grateful-kitty)

“Can you post more in-depth about how rush week was? Like, what you wore, the best things about it, etc? Also, can you post about getting your Big? I'm transferring to a larger school next fall and I plan on rushing; and I just want some tips! :)”


Hi! I’ve been getting a lot of questions about it, so I’ll make a master post about it here! :)

So basically “rushing” is when you go through the sorority recruitment process, which helps you decide which house fits you best! The process differs at universities, so I’ll just focus on my experience. 

Day 1: House Tours~ The first day was “House Tours”, meaning we got to visit each of the 6 sorority houses and obviously get a tour of the house and have the opportunity to talk to lots of girls in each sorority. This day was pretty informal; they gave us all matching t-shirts and we could wear whatever bottoms we wanted, but it was hot so most people wore shorts. 

After visiting each house, they took us back to a computer lab and had us rank the houses, 1 being our favorite and 6 being our least favorite. We submitted our rankings online and this helped them determine our schedule for the second day.

Day 2: Philanthropy Day~ The second day we got to visit up to 4 houses, depending on how many you got invited back to and how you ranked them. It’s really hard to explain the process, since it’s basically just mutual selection and it’s a computer-generated program. I got invited back to my top 4, but I know some girls only got invited back to 2 or 3, and you don’t always get your top choice. 

So philanthropy day focused on learning about what each house does regarding community service and such. This day was a little more formal; they suggested we wear dresses, skirts, or pants and a cute top. I wore white capris and a flow-y floral top. After visiting the houses you got invited back to, they took you to the computer lab again and you ranked your top 2 choices. (For example, out of Alpha Phi, Delta Zeta, Alpha Omicron Pi, and Delta Gamma, I chose Alpha Phi and Delta Gamma as my top 2.)

Day 3: Preference Day~ The final day of rush was preference day, in which you basically visited 2 (or 1) house(s) and had a more intimate ceremony. For example, I knew I was meant to be in Alpha Phi during their ceremony, just because I saw how connected the girls were to one another and I just really felt at home. It sounds corny, but you’ll experience it too! :)

This day was formal, so everyone was wearing dresses with heels or wedges. After visiting the houses, they took us back to the computer lab where we chose our top choice. 

Bid Day: The day after Preference Day, you got to go pick up your bid, which is a formal invitation to join a specific sorority!

As for getting my Big Sister, it was so exciting! We got clues all week as to who they were, and they gave us so many presents! Choosing a big is also mutual selection- you choose them, and they choose you back! But if you have a strong connection with an older girl, chances are she feels the same about you, so don’t stress about it too much :)

Here are some good resources too that explain the process a little more in-depth! And again, it’s supposed to be fun! Don’t worry, relax, be yourself, and you’ll find your home away from home! <3

The Sorority Life

About my sorority! (which is actually a Fraternity, because it was created before the term “sorority” was coined!)

“If you don't mind me asking, how do you whiten your teeth? They're beautiful! :)”


thank you! i use Crest 3D Whitening Strips, the Luxe Glamorous White kind! 

Hi I feel cute in my new alpha phi cardigan

Hi I feel cute in my new alpha phi cardigan

i may or may not be addicted to whitening my teeth


If it involves mountains, breakfast food, coffee or campfires - I’m in. 

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